1. Can I custom order widths? 

Yes you can. I also make half inch, one inch and four inch ribbon regularly.  

2. Can I pick up my order? 

Yes you can, I live north of Toronto, Ontario.

3. Is it possible to order ribbons that are sold out? 

Yes you can, but i cannot guarantee the exact same colour. All my ribbons are made in small batches and are never identical for a number of reasons such as the weather, soil, growing conditions, time of harvesting, etc. I will try my best to get as close to as possible.

4. What chemicals are used? 

The only chemical (relatively safe, used for pickling foods) is alum to mordant (prepare the fabric).  For plant fibres, such as linen and cottons I mordant with soya milk and alum.  

5. How do I take care of the silks? 

Silk is very resilient. All the ribbons are colourfast and can be gently washed in cold water with gentle soap and hung up to dry. You can iron or leave crinkled, depending on your preference.

6. How long will it take to receive ribbons? 

If I do not have any in stock, I will need approximately 4-5 days to make them.   

7. Can I return a purchase?

All sales are final. If you are not satisfied with your order you can exchange within 14 days of your purchase date.

 8.   Sample packs

If you would like a few sample ribbons , please contact me and I will gladly send you a few.