These bandanas are all 100 % organic cotton and  are all 20 " by 20"  or 23" by 23".

They have been dyed in several different ways.  Some have been dyed using florals from the summer, some have been dyed with leaves, and some have been indigo dyed ( either with fresh indigo or fermented indigo).  Often I dye them again in leftover dyes I have used for ribbons ( over time a pot of dye gets weaker, but it still has a lot of potential colour and I hate to see it go to waste!). The various categories often have more than one bandana available and they are all different.

There are several  beautiful bandanas dyed using indigo and shibhori methods.  Shibhori is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique using manual resistance. By folding, clamping, pleating,stitching, binding, scrunching and twisting, beautiful patterns are created on the textile.  The piece is dyed in a natural indigo vat.   Textiles are dipped several times to get the beautiful blue colour.  As the indigo dye vat weakens, paler blue colours are produced. 

These pieces are all colour and light fast.  Wash in cool water with limited soap.  

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