Ecodyed Paper Sets

1.  These card sets ( 3 cards in total) have all been printed with flowers and leaves from the grand summer of 2021!   These are permanent prints.   They are printed inside and outside.   They contain two cards  measuring 6" by 4" and one larger card 7" by 5".  Every card is uniquely different !  These cards show beautiful details of leaf veining and petal lines .  At least one card will have flowers and one card will have leaves and the third may be both.  They will all come bundled in a beautiful dyed silk ribbon.  This is a wonderful gift that costs under $20.The cost of these cards includes free shipping.

 2.  Ecodyed art tags that are printed on both sides.  Each one is unique and they measure 2 and 3/4 inches by 1 and 3/8.  There are 6 tags in each bundle and they are wrapped up in a ribbon.  Strings are attached and they have picked up some colour in the dyeing process.  Cost is $12 and includes free shipping.

Limited quantity available.  Every set is uniquely different.

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